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The New Buyers Report

Global Opportunities, the Future of VoD and Programming Trends.
Read our analysis on the global TV and Content landscape, containing interviews with top VOD platforms and more, through the link below.

What We Do

WorkShare Consulting is a TMT-focused growth consultancy, specializing in the three core areas we consider most essential for growth:




Across these three areas, we provide a range of research, advice, and outreach services in order to allow businesses to understand, plan, and action change.

WorkShare's services include:

  • Research and Strategy

  • Surveys and Analytics

  • B2B Comms and Outreach

  • Data Consulting and Data-led Decision Making

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Market and Consumer Research

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Product Analysis

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B2B Comms

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Data Warehousing and Automation

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Data Exploration and Visualisation

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