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Image by Chris Montgomery

We have teamed up with TellyCast to produce the TellyCast / WorkShare Consulting Content Industry Monitor.

Taking the pulse of the global business of TV, this exclusive, regular survey will analyse YOUR views and find out how the TV business feels about the key issues it faces today.

We’re asking everyone from producers to financiers, distributors to networks, and everyone in between, to please take a few minutes to fill out our survey.

We’re asking about how confident you feel about your job or business, how you’ve been impacted by the pandemic personally and professionally, how the industry’s leaders have performed, markets and events, the return to a new normal working life and industry recovery.

The Survey has now ended.

Thanks to all of those who completed the survey, the special premium report will be in your inbox.

For everybody else, please fill in the form below to download your free copy of the Content Industry Monitor

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