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About Us

WorkShare Consulting was founded by individuals with a diverse set of backgrounds, which has enabled us to step back, and design a brand new approach to bespoke research and consulting.

Taking lessons learned from a range of industries and disciplines, which include Consultancy, Media, Automotive, Data Science, and Business Intelligence, WorkShare Consulting is founded on the principle that bringing expertise together creates a solution that is greater than the sum of its parts.

WorkShare Consulting is a 100% managed solution and provides you with the same level of interaction and customer service that any traditional consultancy will.

At the same time, we are able to draw on a wide network of in-house and independent researchers and consultants to create hard-to-find combinations of unique skills.

Our Team

Jonathan Broughton - Managing Director


Jonathan's career has granted him experience from a diverse range of analyst and consulting firms including the renowned intelligence boutique "Screen Digest", IHS and IHS Markit as well as MBI where he created new products, founded an analyst team, and designed and launched a new intelligence platform under the brand Broadcast Intelligence.​

​​Jonathan is a recognised industry expert in media, platforms, consumer behaviour, and technology and is regularly featured at conferences as well as being quoted in newspapers including the Financial Times, the Guardian, and most trade publications, and appearing on news channels including CNBC and TRT. ​

Jonathan has a track record of finding new ways to look at old problems and has created innovative new products, throughout his career. Jonathan has worked alongside all the industry’s major players, including completing custom studies for large international companies and groups including Netflix, Apple, NBC, and the BBC, industry bodies including BASE and AHEDA as well as governmental organizations including BASE, EBU, and the European Commission’s DG Connect.  ​

Kit Lian - Chief Product Officer

Kit has led a career steeped in the practical learnings and hard-won efficiencies of the automotive industry. ​Starting as an engineer at Steelridge Ltd, Kit's logistical aptitude and ability to pinpoint friction points within work processes led him to become an expert in product management and process optimisation. ​

​Kit has led the development of cost-effective and optimised systems at companies including Denso Marston and Xandor Automotive, whose customers include world-renowned leaders, from agricultural and heavy industry corporations such as John Deere, Case New Holland, Caterpillar, and AGCO; to global automotive powerhouses such as JLR, Ford and Nissan.​

As Chief Product Officer, Kit is responsible for the development, implementation, and management of WorkShare’s services, ensuring that effective processes lead to the successful delivery of every single project.​

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