About Us

WorkShare Consulting was founded by individuals with a diverse set of backgrounds, which has enabled us to step back, and design a brand new approach to bespoke research and consulting.

Taking lessons learned from a range of industries and disciplines, which include Consultancy, Media, Automotive, Finance, Data Science and Business Intelligence, WorkShare Consulting is founded on the principle that bringing expertise together creates a solution which is greater than the sum of its parts.

WorkShare Consulting is a 100% managed solution, and provides you with the same level of interaction and customer service that any traditional consultancy will.

At the same time we are able to draw on a wide network of in-house, and independent, researchers and consultants to create hard-to-find combinations of unique skills.

Meet the Senior Leadership Team

Jonathan Broughton - Managing Director

Jonathan Broughton's career has granted him experience from a diverse range of analyst and consulting firms including the renowned media boutique "Screen Digest", IHS and IHS Markit as well as MBI where he founded new products and created a analyst team under the brand Broadcast Intelligence.

As well as being a recognised industry expert in media, consumer platforms and technology, Jonathan has a track record of creating innovative new products, always one-step ahead of the competition. 

Jonathan attributes his career path to a healthy curiosity:

"I like to understand what drives companies, how they interact, and why we follow the paths that we do? Then i like to find ways to break those in-grained behaviours"

Kit Lian has led a career steeped in the practical learnings

and hard-won efficiencies of the automotive industry.

Starting as an engineer at Steelridge LTD, Kit's logistical

aptitude and ability to pinpoint friction-points within

work-processes led him to become an expert in product

management and process optimisation. 

Kit has been responsible for the development of cost-effective

and optimised systems at companies including Denso Marston

and Xandor Automotive.

Kit Lian - Chief Product Officer

Kit comments that his career has been focused on building efficiency:

"The systems we work in are all dynamic beasts, but they tend to fatten up over time additional processes - we have to strive for efficiency and trim away that excess fat!"

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