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Vuulr and WorkShare Consulting announce strategic partnership at NEM 2021

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

WorkShare Consulting is proud to announce a partnership with Vuulr, the largest global online content marketplace for film and TV rights. WorkShare will be providing support and outreach for the online marketplace as it continues to increase its presence and footprint across the globe.

“This partnership with Vuulr is incredibly exciting for two big reasons. It’s fantastic to be involved with the cutting edge of how the content industry is evolving. Secondly, at WorkShare we have been carefully noting how the fragmentation and democratisation of how content is consumed is changing the type of content that is in demand. Marketplaces like Vuulr offer an amazing freedom of choice and ease of access that is sure to prove the next evolution of how our content industry operates.”

  • Jonathan Broughton MD of WorkShare Consulting

“WorkShare brings to the table a deep and wide understanding of the industry, its drivers, and where it is going next. Through them we hope to realise a more complete understanding of where the demand is coming from, who is buying and what they are interested in buying. WorkShare will be connecting the dots to provide a range of insight and strategic solutions.”

  • Ian McKee, CEO for Vuulr

Era of the Indie producer

While the advent of VOD and online delivery gave rise to content democratisation, for the most part this affected delivery of content and not necessarily how it was sold and who was buying.

The streaming wars between major studios, and the now incumbent SVOD giants has led to tighter controls, with content again being retained under umbrella brands and ring-fenced from competitor services.

Despite traditional companies throwing their weight into the VOD space, connected devices and better aggregation continues to foster consumers’ ability to maintain a higher number of VoD subscriptions and so the number of services.

The result is an increasingly dynamic and international industry composed of more fragmented pieces than ever before. It is against this background that Vuulr operates to provide a simple, secure and effective platform to discover, understand and license content from the plethora of creative talent that the globe has to offer.

About WorkShare Consulting:

WorkShare Consulting was created to bring together expertise from an elite pool of consultants and specialists across a range of industries including media, devices, consumer trends, consumer tech, TMT and data processes.

Workshare offer services across the media space which include:

  • Bespoke Research and Whitepapers

  • Consumer Surveys and Analytics

  • Data Warehousing and Automation

  • Data Exploration and Visualisation

About Vuulr:

Vuulr is a global online content marketplace for film & TV rights that connects buyers with distributors worldwide, providing them with a platform to negotiate and transact directly and securely online.

Vuulr connects buyers and distributors regardless of timezone or geography, giving them an opportunity to access an always-on diverse selection of mainstream and niche content that appeals to their audiences’ global appetites.

The online sales platform currently features content from producers and distributors across the globe, comprising over 165,000 hours of shows. Over 11,000 buyers and sellers from 120 countries are now using the platform with over 1,700 licensing transactions generated since its international launch in January 2020. Content originating from 124 countries and across 71 different languages have sold on Vuulr.

The company also champions budding, independent filmmakers by giving them an opportunity for their work to be discovered by buyers worldwide. Vuulr aims to slash the cost, effort and time involved in doing transactions for the industry e.g. licensing transactions on Vuulr close, on average, in 10 days.

For further information please contact:

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